The Hush2 is a revolutionary new humanitarian family shelter which can be built and ready to house a family in less than two hours. The innovative design makes Hush2 extremely robust. It is engineered to resist category five hurricane winds.

A Highly Adaptable Shelter

The Hush2 is highly portable and does not need a time-consuming and costly concrete base. The shelter can be locked in place with a simple ground fixing system, making it easy to put up and take down; so avoiding long-term land use problems.

Modular to enable creation of larger buildings, such as schools or medical facilities.

Building a Sustainable Community

The Hush2 is more than just a shelter. It is the starting point for dignity and community. Deploying the shelter in smaller hubs offers support and a sense of ownership, creating an empowered and sustainable environment. It is easy to take down and simple to repurpose after transitional use.


Extremis Technology is an engineering research company. Our current research and development programme includes the solutions and projects above.

Creating a Sustainable Community

Let us know if you would like to find out more about Hush2 and the work we do to help bring together the communities in the areas that need us most.